Veoneer Q4 net sales at $449 million, below consensus

Posted: 02/02/2022 11:22 GMT
Veoneer Inc (VNE) – Financial report October – December 2021.
Veoneer Inc – Net sales for the fourth quarter of $449 million compared to $505 million according to the consensus compiled by the company.
Veoneer Inc-.
An important step for Arriver, will provide vision perception software to Bmw as part of Qualcomm’s ongoing collaboration.
Veoneer Inc-.
Veoneer has set ambitious carbon emissions targets for a more sustainable future: carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030, carbon neutral products by 2039, carbon neutral business by 2040.
Veoneer Inc – Veoneer shareholders approved the merger agreement in December and by the end of January the deal had received the required regulatory approvals in the United States, Germany, France and Italy.
Veoneer Inc – in addition, Ssw and Qualcomm are consulting with other regulators regarding the merger.
Veoneer Inc – Operating loss of $73 million in the fourth quarter compared to a loss of $56 million Seen in the consensus compiled by the company.
Veoneer Inc – The first closing date of the agreement pursuant to the merger agreement is early April 2022.
Veoneer Inc – The parties are working diligently to be able to close at this time.
Veoneer Inc – Fourth Quarter Operating Margin -16.2% vs. -11.1% Seen in the consensus compiled by the company.
Veoneer Inc – Veoneer has been informed that upon closing of the acquisition of Veoneer, Ssw intends to sell Arriver to Qualcomm and initiate a formal process to find a long-term owner(s) for the ongoing business by Veoneer.
Income should be $447.4 million
Adjusted EPS should be -$0.70

Revenue forecast for the next quarter expected to be $450.77 million
Next quarter EPS guidance should be -$0.63

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Ann J. Cox